We are the expression of taste, of the rediscovery of ancient culinary meanings, of the desire to share moments of serenity starting from a place with Aleramic roots, along the marenche roads connecting the Ligurians to the Valley of the River Po.

We team up with the aim of spreadinf a story with a hat.
We are associated with the Union of European Journalists and Communicators, we are a place of practical internships for students of the Gastronomy, Hospitality and Territory offered by the Universitas Mercatorum of Marengo, we are spread ideas for the Chambers of Commerce system, starting with the Mixed Chamber Italy Czech Republic, of all those delicacies that can be internationalized.

We set up tasting and description points of territorial, cultural and food and wine products in close collaboration with the Pro Loco system associated with UNPLI, the National Union of Italian Pro Loco, and we invite you to report those culinary discoveries that every curious person seeks, experiences and suggest.

Marengo star point for the proximity tourism of our province. Crossroad of the Vie Marenche and del Sale. Marengo Gourmand in collaboration with the Proloco of the territory reformulates typical dishes of the Piedmont tradition, experiencing, in the use of piedmont local products, new alchemies.
Eleonora Norbiato
Marengo Gourmand President

Support for educational training courses to open up new professional perspectives. Educational missions abroad and seminars in places marked by history and food and wine traditions. An opportunity for many people to work as a team the passion for life match, the power of knowledge to avoid too hasty simplifications and where diversity is welcomed as an opportunity. Planning banquets or lunches is always possible unless we don’t start for a claim but for something new which can also be in a simple “rooster’s egg”.


Our girls our boys want to face life and the profession they have chosen, starting from a place where they can concretely improve the basic knowledge. Marengo Gourmand, in accordance with the best professional institutes, offers a relationship with the world that allows to improve work attitudes.


It has been noted that on many occasions food is a relational key. when food products, handcrafted or industrially processed, express a refinement of goodness and a high-end culture, then we’re standing in front of a social vocation of food capable of strengthens the bonds and intrigue on the paths which led him to the tables.


Connecting a typical product to its place of origin, to the human ingenuity that has been able to transform, preserve and distribute it, is the mission of marengo gourmand. there is personal growth when you certify the choice of a village or a city connected to a typicality. Discovering an ancient village where a recipe originated or flouring your hands to prepare a dish, visiting a company or a winery, is an unforgettable experience that fixes a timeless memory in personal life: the energy and the nostalgia that takes you back to those places.


This year marked by the pandemic originated by the coronavirus has forced us to migrate to digital media. marengo gourmand has decided to modify and adapt its training, information and promotion formats to digital media.


This did not stop us from creating a link with the territory and history, leading to greater usability of the contents created through our site and our social media channels. also establishing a collaboration with espace press haut récit ecole marengo, which gave us the opportunity to take advantage of their digital platform for training and dissemination of content.


We can’t wait to be able to return to marengo and organize courses and events in the international cultural pole, meanwhile we are online! having not yet a specific date we still want to share with you our ideas for the training and more.


Both courses and events will cover typical local products and the creation of appropriate courses to keep the traditions that have marked it alive.


We work to foster communication and knowledge of the marengo vast area as a touristic and manufacturing site with infinite possibilities. we are committed to enhance the territory that hosts us, creating holiday trips rich in experiences, with grandparents and grandmothers of our countries.


We support tourism and producers, which includes not only the experiences that can be done in these places but to reach out to the needs and tastes of those who inhabit and visit it.

Collaborators and Partners